If you’ve landed on this page, it’s likely that you and I have something in common. And it’s also likely that you’re an idiot, just like me! And that’s okay! Most people are. Say it with me now, “I’m an idiot.” Don’t be offended, embrace it! Come on, admit it … 

Wow, we just shared a moment. And there must be something in my eye too.

Now that that’s over with, we can help each other. Like you, I’m here to get smarter. I don’t enjoy being an idiot, but I understand that I’ll continue being an idiot if I don’t try out new ideas, learn from the community, and practice my own advice. I’m also here to share the mistakes I’ve made and hear about yours so that, like I said earlier, we can help each other become Wise Guys and Gals. 

So grab your snacks and strap yourself in, because I’ve made quite a few mistakes. The good news is, however, that I’ve learned from most of them and have surfaced with a newfound view of personal finance and how I may reach financial independence in a fraction of the time as the rest of the population. The even better news? I want to lay it all out here, as detailed as possible.

After looking around the site, I encourage you to leave a comment below with suggestions for the blog! Perhaps a post on a specific topic, a new calculator, a budgeting tutorial, or just a simple snarky comment of your own (the most constructive of all?). We’re here to help each other!

Share Your Own Wise Words!

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